Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hypocrites, LGBT and more

Okay, so I just wanted to post a couple of things out here. First off, I just wanted to talk about some of the things that bother me in the world.

So obviously, I have a Facebook. Nearly everyone does. And on FB you tend to "like" pages that you agree with or "like" photos that you thing are funny, pretty, sad, etc. So on a lot of things, people post how they love God or how they "hate" liars. But, excuse me? Are we not all liars? When you mutter under your breath and your mother snaps, "what did you just say?" the first thing that you say is, "Nothing!" it's a lie! And when you have stupid FB fights and then some idiots responds back, "Oh sorry, that was my cousin on my account the entire time" or "LOL i was hacked XD" It's a lie. I mean, give us some credit. Any person smart enough to create their own Email can know that you're telling a bunch of BS. Must have dropped your balls back there a couple of comments ago.

Or then  there are those people who think that they are better because of their religion. They think because they are Christians, Mormons, Jews, Catholic, etc, that they have all the right answers. And I'm not saying that all people are like this because I know I'm not but sometimes the religious people look down on others. They think "oh that person is unrighteous" or "that's unGodly." But hey, the Bible talks against scoffers and by looking down upon people you are counteracting the word that you so heavily support. 

And the last thing is LGBT (Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals, and Transgender). I love all people, no matter your skin color, gender, race, age, religious views or sexual orientation. I just get confused because I don't see how someone could hate someone just because of their preferences. And I don't like how some people say that Gays go to Hell and stuff because they're sinning. Well, the Bible says that all sins are equal in the eyes of God. So technically, if being homosexual is a sin then it is just as bad as lying and just as bad as murder. So if you're one of those religious HYPOCRITES that "sometimes" lie then you should just shut up about homosexuals because "if" it's a sin then you're just as bad. So if they're going to burn, then SO ARE You. 

That's just basically what I wanted to say. If I get hated on I don't care. It's my opinion and I don't care if it offends someone or not. 

Love and delusions to all,

Archer! ♥ 

P.S. Stay tuned for my next lame I mean, cool post. 

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  1. Personally, I grab for the popcorn whenever facebook fights ensue. They're really funny, but rare - I'm proud to have such normal and peaceful facebook friends.
    I must agree with you - some people tend to get so hung up on old rules that they loose sight of the most important things religions teach us - tolerance and love.